Full Time Private School Students

The Academic Link provides parents choices regarding attendance and courses.  Parents may choose a five day school week or a four day school week for their child.  Full time and part time students are accepted.  Full time students take five or more classes daily.  Part time students take four or fewer classes daily, or they may choose to attend specific days.  See the provided fee schedules for more information. Printable tuition and fee scheduled here.


Part Time & Homeschool Students

The Academic Link accommodates a variety of part time students. We support students who need flexible schedules.  Students may take individual courses on the days of their choosing.  Students pay by the course, rather than by the day.  It is decided on enrollment if a three day, four day, or five day week is required for the course.  Students may register for as little as one course to as many as four courses to be considered part time.   Other schedules may be accommodated upon request. Printable tuition and fee scheduled here.


Morning Care & Extended Session Fees Schedule 2016

The Academic Link knows how hard balancing work and school schedules can be so we offer extended care hours to help. The extended care options provided a structured environment that includes homework help, recess and snack time.  Get a printable scheduled of fees for this program here.


NILD Discovery Program Fees and Tuition


  • NILD Discovery Program is 36 weeks long with two 80 minute sessions each week
  • 45 minute sessions can be implemented rather than two 80 minute sessions
  • A licensed School Psychologist evaluation is required
  • Program qualifies as a medical expense for tax purposes


The Academic Link offers students with mild to moderate learning disabilities the opportunity to participate in educational therapy as a Discovery Program student. A formal school psychologist evaluation is required; IEP is required of current and former public school students. Get a printable scheduled of fees for the NILD program here.

NILD Educational Therapy


Private Tutoring Fees

Private School, public school, and TAL students whose parent request private tutoring after school hours. Print copy of the fee scheduled here.


All Grade Levels Private Teacher Assistance –  PTA:
is  available during school hours. It can be requested by a student’s parents, mutually agreed upon by TAL and a student’s parents, or in some cases required by TAL. This is only available to students on the 5-Day and 4-Day student programs and is based on availability.

PTA Fee: $30 per subject per day

Student works privately with a teacher for the express purpose of making greater progress in a specific subject area. This fee is in addition to the annual tuition.